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Learn to Animate with Aardman Animator!

We’ve launched a FREE new animation app called Aardman Animator! It’s a simple to use stop-motion animation app, perfect for all ages and abilities.

The app is available in both the App Store and Google Play, and is perfect for absolute beginners and pros alike. Aardman Animator has been tried and tested by the experts at Aardman to ensure it’s simple to use, making it easy and fun to bring your own stories to life!

The app features:

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Hints and tips videos to show how to use the app
  • Intuitive timeline and tools make animating easy
  • Shoot in portrait or landscape
  • Onion skinning tool allows you to see previous frames
  • Delete, duplicate and move frames
  • Record your own dialogue or sound effects
  • Fixed or auto focus, exposure and white balance
  • Use the timer to shoot automatically
  • Adjust playback speed to speed up and slow down your animation
  • Export your animations as MP4 files
  • Share your animations with friends and on social
  • Unlockable trophies to collect

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