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Merlin’s Animation Tips – Make an Aardstand

In the second of our series of animation tutorials,  Merlin shows you how to make your very own Aardstand, a must-have for ensuring your device is nice and steady when making your animations. Watch Merlin’s step-by-step guide then download a template for making yours from the Morph Film Kit.

We’ll be sharing a new tutorial each day until 14th August so visit us each day until then for more great animation tips.

Golden Morph animation competition!


After watching Merlin’s great tips you can put them into action in your very own Morph animation, which you can then enter into our competition to win your very own Golden Morph! Watch our competition video and read all the details and find out how to enter on our competition page.

Look out for more tutorials coming each day this week, where Merlin will talk you through lots of other useful tips, such as how to get the right lighting for your film and making sets and props.

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