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Morph Emoji Stickers Launch!

Morph is celebrating his 40th year in style with the release of some very special iMessage emoji stickers, created using real-life sculpts by Peter Lord!

The free pack includes 16 animated emojis – or ‘eMorphjis’! – and 12 animated stickers to give your messages a Morph makeover. Add them to your messages or drop them into your photos to Morph-ify your friends and family.

The pack contains a range of emotions and hilarious expressions so you can let you friends know how you’re feeling – happy, embarrassed, annoyed or loved-up, to name just some of the designs in the pack. You can also have fun with Morph’s take on the popular poo emoji!

Morph’s co-creator Peter Lord sculpted the emojis by hand using modelling clay, before graphics and animation were added to bring them to life. As Pete explains:

“When someone said to me; “We could do Morph emojis” it was like this huge lightbulb going on. Of course. That’s just perfect! Morph has a lovely round face and he does great expressions; he really is like a living emoji. Who wouldn’t want Morph’s happy (and sometimes grumpy) face all over their messages? Bless him. So I jumped on the idea, and I’m so happy with the way they’ve worked out, they’re really funny and charming.”

You can download your pack from the App store here.

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