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Morph Helps Raise Awareness of Male Cancer

Aardman was recently commissioned to produce a new advertising campaign to help raise awareness of male cancer. And who played a starring role, alongside a host of other celebrities? Morph, of course!

The advert was produced to encourage people to ‘Go Commando’ on 7th March and support UK charity Male Cancer Awareness Campaign. In the video, Morph is seen ditching his pants alongside a host of other male celebrities, including Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs, athlete Louis Smith and TV presenter Dermot O’Leary.

While the production process was relatively smooth – the Morph sequence took just one day to shoot – it wasn’t without challenges, as Merlin explains:

“We had to make larger replacement pants for when Morph throws them at the camera. The pair in his hand are about 3cm across the waist line, the ones that hit the camera needed to cover the lens and are about 15cm across the waist.

Also, Morph speaks a nonsense language, so getting him to sound like he was saying ‘commando’ was a bit of a challenge. I think it was close enough in the end!”

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