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Morph: The Lost Tapes Arrive on YouTube!

It’s amazing what you discover when you’re having an office clear out. If that office is Aardman’s Bristol HQ then you might just stumble upon some never-before-seen Morph animations hiding in among your files, books and notepads. May we introduce you to ‘The Lost Tapes’, our new series of Morph adventures on YouTube!

The story behind The Lost Tapes is an interesting one. Way back in the Noughties, new animators arriving at Aardman were given an exciting challenge – to make a short film starring one of Aardman’s most iconic creations…Morph! Would the rookies be able to come up with a slick piece of animation that captured the unique essence of this much-loved character?

Turns out those newbie animators did a great job, creating some fantastic Morph adventures that we think you’ll love. We’ve polished them up and re-voiced them, and uploaded them to YouTube so you can watch them too! There are 7 episodes in total, coming to Morph’s channel over the coming weeks – why not subscribe to be sure you don’t miss the latest additions?

We hope you enjoy watching these gems from the depths of the Aardman vaults – let us know what you think of them!


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