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Ideas Submitted for New Episodes!

The new Morph episodes will be based, in part, on script ideas submitted by Morph fans who supported the ‘Bring Back Morph’ Kickstarter campaign. Some amazing ideas have come into Aardman HQ.

There’s been an amazing response to the call for script ideas, with some backers choosing to send in one ‘big’ idea and others submitting a selection of different Morph scenarios. Morph’s creator, Peter Lord, is busy reading through the ideas and choosing the best to feature in the new episodes. He’ll then have the tricky task of choosing the best bits, consolidating similar ideas and bringing all the best elements together to create a storyline that will captivate viewers. As Peter explains:

“We want to make sure the story lines for our episodes are absolutely right. It’s not often that we’ll take anyone’s whole idea, just as it comes – we’ll spend time refining and polishing it into a gem! Each idea has to pass the “Old Morph Test” alongside the “Old Aardman Test” – all of which is just to remind you that telling a great story is really, really difficult. It’s perfectly normal for us to spend dozens of hours on a single one-minute story as we try to work out exactly the right sequence of events, exactly the right building-pattern of gags, exactly the right psychology for Morph and Chas and exactly the right punch line ending.”

Over the coming weeks, Peter and his team will be taking all this amazing raw material and sculpting it into the best stories possible, and – hopefully – releasing a few sneak peeks of the new material along the way…

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