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Seasick Morph plays the blues!

When Morph met Seasick Steve

Aardman modelmakers have turned their iconic character Morph into blues legend, Seasick Steve, to celebrate the release of Steve’s new album “Sonic Soul Surfer”.
Like Steve, Morph even has his own version of a hubcap guitar and a Mississippi drum machine, cleverly made out of bits of junk that were lying around the modelmaking studio.
Head of Modelmaking at Aardman, Enty, said the objects in Morph’s world are artefacts normally found around an animator’s desk: “To create the body of Seasick Morph’s guitar we used an old tin of lip balm. I wouldn’t say the guitar is in-tune, but it certainly makes a noise.”
The Morphs used for animation are made from soft modelling clay and an average of 10 Morphs are needed to produce each one-minute Morph episode. Seasick Morph was made using a wire armature, polymer clay and baked in an oven to ensure he will last longer.
Enty added: “The most challenging part of making Seasick Morph was recreating Seasick Steve’s beard, but we decided to use GrandMorph as a point of reference.”

You can take a peek behind the scenes and see how Enty made Seasick Morph here:

Seasick Steve’s new album “Sonic Soul Surfer” is out now. Find out more at

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