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The Epic Adventures of Morph Arrives on Sky Kids!

We have some super exciting news for you – a new series, ‘The Epic Adventures of Morph’, is arriving on Sky Kids on 9th November!

This exciting new series reunites Morph with some characters from Morph series’ of old, such as Delilah, Grandmorph and the Very Small Creatures, as well as taking the characters beyond their familiar desktop environment for some exciting adventures in the wider world – expect to see Morph in some very unexpected and colourful adventures this time around!

Shot using clay and traditional stop-motion animation at Morph’s original home – the Aardman studios in central Bristol – the new series features 15 5-minute episodes in total, the first 10 launching in November so fans can enjoy the perfect family viewing this autumn.

The Sky Kids series will be available on all Sky platforms, including Sky Q, Sky+, Sky Kids app and the NOW TV Kids Pass from 9th November.

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