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New Morph Series Starts on the 4th ‘Morph’ of July!

It’s been 20 years since a new episode of Morph graced screens, and over 30 years since a little terracotta figure was introduced to the world, quickly becoming a universally loved fixture on children’s TV. For those of you that have followed our journey to bring Morph back to life, the wait is finally over – at 17.15 GMT on Friday 4th July, the first of a series of 15 all-new Morph episodes will explode onto YouTube!

The first episode will be screened on the official Morph YouTube channel at 17:15, the exact time Morph first appeared on screens back in 1977, as part of TV programme Take Hart. Broadcasting online seemed an appropriate way to release Morph into the modern world after his long hiatus, and it means Morph fans both old and new can enjoy the new episodes wherever they are in the world. Although the new episodes reflect contemporary culture (you’ll see Morph and the other characters using things like smart phones and digital cameras , for example) Morph’s creator has promised fans that they’ll stay true to the original format, and have been shot using clay and traditional stop-frame animation. In fact, over 150 Morphs were moulded during the production process.

As Peter Lord (Morph’s creator) explains: “I was very keen on keeping the humour, slapstick and surrealism of the original Morph episodes, whilst at the same time bringing Morph slightly more in line with the modern world. What’s great is that many of the original viewers of Morph are now parents themselves, so it will be brilliant to introduce Morph to a whole new generation of fans via Morph’s You Tube channel.”

So, be sure to join us in celebrating as a very special star is reborn on the ‘Morph of July’! We’ll see you over on YouTube at 17.15…

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