A Grand Experience Opens at Land’s End!

‘Aardman Presents: A Grand Experience’ opens at Land’s End in Cornwall this half term! Building on the success of the Shaun the Sheep Experience, this new attraction features even more favourite Aardman characters, including Morph!

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Morph: Still Naughty at 40 Exhibition Figurines

With Morph’s brilliant exhibition at the Gromit Unleashed store in Bristol drawing to a close, we wanted to give all our fans the chance to see the amazing figurines featured in the collection, especially if you weren’t able to visit in person.

Morph’s co-creator Peter Lord created 20 original Morph sculptures especially for the exhibition, each depicting Morph in a different guise – we’ve collected them all in our gallery for you to enjoy – take a look here!



Morph Gets a Tattoo!

If you’ve been following Morph on Facebook this summer you’ll have seen him enjoy some amazing experiences to celebrate this 40th birthday! From skydiving to riding around town in a red sports car, Morph’s been having a great time ticking things off his bucket list.

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Morph at Upfest

Bristol played host to Europe’s largest street art festival at the weekend, with Morph getting involved in the action!

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Morph’s 40th Bucket List

Even clay characters want to celebrate their 40th birthdays in style and Morph is no different! So this summer you’ll be able to follow his adventures as he embarks on an epic birthday bucket list to celebrate this milestone.

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